Genesis Classic - 5x-2x | 4x Actions - Feb 2019

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Address Private Server
Hostname Genesis Classic | 5x-2x/4x Actions | Free Deeds/Upkeep | https:
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Players 0 / 232
Location United States of America
Platform Linux
Map GenesisClassic
Registered by Revelation
Registered since February 16th, 2019 12:18 PM EST
Last update March 30th, 2024 12:48 AM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE

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About This Server

Website and Livemap:

General Information:
4096 Custom Map
2 Free 3721 tile deeds (61x61 max size)
No Upkeep
Faith cap of 300.0
Characteristics start at 20.0
Body Control starts at 22.0
All skills start at 15.0
Skill gain curves from 5x down to 2x based on skill gain
Increased Characteristic gain to align with skill gain
No priest restrictions, spells are specific to deities, affinity benefits, up to 200 channeling casts
Unlimited prayers and meditation gains (No cooldown for faith, skill, or path)
Bounties for killing creatures
Bounties and Karma for burying creatures
~30 Actions per mining
~60 Minutes per crop growth tick, crops never turn to weeds
Raid-style Titans and Facebreyker unique spawns
Rare spawns: reapers and spectral drakes (small 2-5 player groups recommended)
Ride, tame, and breed wyverns and ghost chargers
Custom mobs: fire crabs, forest spiders, giants, horned ponies, large boars, spirit trolls, avengers, and worgs
Meditation 1x1 tiles: grass (love), surface rock (power), cave (insanity), or sand (knowledge)
Digging, woodcutting, and mining materials will load automatically when riding wagons/carts
Beneficial titles applied automatically even when not currently in use
Nearly all actions capable while mounted
Craftable depth drills, warhammers, and brass knuckles
Treasure maps: found when mining, digging, or foraging; sealed maps for killing rare spawns.

Mods Installed:
AddKingdomItems - Allows crafting of WO PMK items.
AutoAlerts - Daily server restart reminders in event tab to notify you when the server will restart.
BetterDig - Almost everything is possible to do while mounted, resource digging increased to 20kg.
BetterFarm - Gain AoE farming with dependent on your skill.
Bounties - Bounties for killing creatures to help stimulate the economy.
BulkMods - Bulk containers have double the capacity and auto-sort quality.
BurnBounty - Burning corpses provides a small amount of coin and karma.
CraftablePauldrons - Allows crafting of shoulderpads otherwise not in the WU game.
CreatureAgeMod - Speeds up the growth of foals and horses to adolescent age.
DeedMod - Max Size is 3721 allowing for plenty of space on the server to deed for free.
DiscordRelay - Everything in our server is sent to our discord and vice-versa through game channels.
DUSKombat - A complete overhaul of the combat system in Wurm to allow for more playstyles in fighting.
EventMod - When we host events, you can teleport directly to the action by using any settlement token on the map.
FireBurnTime - Find out how long your forges will stay lit in hours and minutes.
FishyTweaks - Utilize lore options at 20 and 50 fishing skill to help with get vital data on fishing.
HarvestHelper - Utilizing the /seasons command you can find out what is currently in season and what will be in season soon for harvesting.
Hitching Posts - Craftable hitching posts to keep your animals stationary until you're ready to continue.
InbreedWarning - Gives an event window message when you are breeding animals that would be inbred and result in negative traits.
Locations - Provide others your coordinates and find others with an exact location on the map.
MeditateMod - Allows players to meditate without any cooldown for skill gain.
ModifyGestationPeriod - A spell that allows you to decrease the time for animal pregnancy.
MoveMod - Player, horse, unicorn, and hell horse speed have all been buffed.
MovetoCenter - Allows for precise placing of objects to the center of the tile.
NoBuildLimit - Building can be done regardless of the relevant carpentry skill.
OneTileMining - You only need to uncover one tile to surface mine that tile.
PickMoreSprouts - Gain additional sprouts per picking action.
SacrificeMod - There is a chance to receive a strange bone equal to the rarity of items you sacrifice.
ServerTimeCommand - Utilize /servertime to find out the time of where the server is hosted.
SimpleConcrete - Concrete can be created with rock shards and clay rather than the default crafting materials.
Spellcraft - Priest restrictions removed, custom spells, no cooldown on faith gains.
TreasureHunting - Earn treasure maps through standard gathering skills that unlock chests with rewards.
Taxidermy - Decorative corpses that can be animated with karma for your deed.
WyvernMods - Compilation of mods enhancing Wurm Unlimited gameplay.
VoteReward - Earn 25c daily for voting for our server.

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