Rift in Time

Server Information
Hostname Rift in Time [Modded,PVE,Dynamic skill, 4x action timer]
Status Checked 21 minutes ago / Online 14 days ago
Players 0 / 200
Location United States of America
Platform Linux
Map Ocrea
Website https://riftintime.enjin.com/
Registered by Andistyr
Registered since September 2nd, 2019 09:44 PM EST
Last update May 11th, 2021 03:48 PM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE

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About This Server

No Deed Cost
Upkeep IS Enabled

Starter Town
Starter town with a lot to offer to help out new players


Caravan Stations that allow fast travel with carts/wagons and animals between connected stations
Mount and Cart Speed increased. ~20kts per no trait horse cart
Hitch ANY animal that you can tame or dominate to your cart/wagon
Animals will not unhitch due to ageing or becoming untamed

Bounty Mod
All creatures provide bounty

Priest Modifications
All kingdom priests are available
No Priest restrictions
Deity only spells
200 Faith Max allows all spells with no link required

Meditation Modifications
Always succeed to meditate
Unlimited meditations
No need to move to skill again
1/10 time for path promotions

Double size of crates 300 for small crates 600 for large crates
Bulk Storage Bins size increased
Everyone can load
BSB/Altars loadable
Easy transfer if items between crates-crates, crates-bsb. 100 item transfer available regardless of character carry limit.

Do not rot
Grow time is roughly 24 hours
Harvesthelper gives an audible alert when crops grow

Dig/flatten/level from cart/wagon
Dirt/tar/peat/moss/clay that are dug is put into Cart/wagon and even the crates you have loaded in the vehicle if mounted
Tar/Moss/Clay all dig 10kg each dig
Peat dig 20kg each dig

General Updates
No Mail Cost
Horses will age through the foal stages quicker but age normal later in life
Craft all pauldrons in the game (requires applicable skills)
Fire burn time displayed in hours/minutes instead of vague read outs
Load crates do not require body strength beyond starter stats.
1.5% chance when you sacrifice a rare+ you will get a strange bone
Move to center or move to corner enabled for easier organizing
CA automatically opened to all without having to toggle

Events/Unique Features

All ledendary slayings (Dragons,Drakes,etc) on Rift in Time will be community events that all are welcome to attend.

GMs will support player run events and ideas. Just post in suggestions or a support ticket in game to get the ball rolling.

Rift Monsters and rift materials can be spawned as a player event at any time.