Riviera PvE - Free Deed - Epic - Bounties - Modded

Riviera PvE - Free Deed - Epic - Bounties - Modded
Hostname Riviera PvE - Free Deed - Epic - Bounties - Modded
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 19 / 250
Location Europe
Platform Linux
Map Riviera
Website https://wu.thahenry.de
Registered by Henry
Registered since May 16th, 2019 01:53 AM EST
Last update January 6th, 2020 12:30 PM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE

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Link to forum thread: Riviera PvE Thread

Homepage: https://wu.thahenry.de
Livemap: https://wu.thahenry.de/livemap/

Map Size: 4096x4096
Random Spawn Locations
PvE (No PvP)
Epic Skill Curve (Increased Skillgain & Scaling)
Skill gain rate multiplier : 3x
Action Timer multiplier : 3x
Max Creatures : 35.000
Aggro Creatures : 35%
Freedom Kingdom

How to earn ingame money (coins)
- Kill animals / monsters (bounty)
- Be online! You receive 10 iron coins every minute simply for being there.
- Burn corpses with a lighter
- Smoke out monster dens / spawners
- Participate in events and take advantage of increased bounty payout events.
- Vote for the server on wurm-unlimited.com (Type /vote to claim your rewards or /tier to see your current reward tier)
- Offer your service to people, many need a helping hand with terraforming (digging, mining, etc.)

Events on weekends like Rifts, Unique Hunts and various others!
Many useful and awesome mods!

Here's what's changed ( I suggest you see the feature-list as well):

No fatigue, meaning you can do actions with 0 stamina, they just take alot longer
No strength-requirement for loading/unloading
Movespeed for walking and riding is slightly increased
Mirror for appearance change is kept on spawn, so you may use it later
Terraforming and mining
You can terraform while mounted
Digging drops dirt on ground
Automatically places/pulls dirt in/from crates if available
Walls take 50 hits to mine
Spawn with spyglass and sickle

Crops never rot
Type /seasons to see which things are in season and when the next start
Depending on your farming skill, you can work multiple tiles per action
3x3 - 30 Skill+
5x5 - 50 Skill+
7x7 - 70 Skill+
Sowing / Farming / Harvesting / Replanting
3x3 - 50 Skill+
5x5 - 70 Skill+
7x7 - 90 Skill+

Ships have way less negative impact by wind
Ships don't drift that much when not actively propelling
Unique Speeds for each ship, increasing as you move up the tiers

Killing animals and monsters rewards coin
You receive 5 ironcoins for every 60 seconds connected to the server
You receive 1 karma point for every 60 seconds connected to the server
Reduced mailing cost and spirit cottages come pre enchanted
You can right-click your character (bottom left of you character window) to
Check your bank balance
Teleport to our capital city (center of the map) with a 3 minute timer

Growth for creatures is increased until they hit mature age

Automatically succeed at skill checks for entering a trance (avoiding the "you fail to relax")
No delay between the first 5 skill gains. After that, the 3hr cooldown applies
No distance-moved requirement for meditation skill gains
Unlimited meditations per day
Path question cooldown is 1/4th of original time

No priest restrictions
Max favor cost per spell is 90 (no linking required)
Light priests share their spells
There are no restrictions on the number of faith gains per day
Cooldown for faith gains is 60 minutes, and grants 3x the usual faith progress

Misc features and fixes
Campfires, Forges, Ovens, etc. show their exact remaining burn time when examined
You can type /location to get your exact X/Y location
Timers for some actions that ignore action time multiplier are fixed
You can put hot items into BSB/FSB
Crates have doubled capacity
Traders are immortal (reasons)
Rarity rolls are improved a bit
Affinity on food will stay on there instead of being locked per player

Hope to see you soon!