Ashes of Eden: Survival

Ashes of Eden: Survival
Hostname Ashes of Eden: Survival (2x/3x - One kingdom PVP)
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Map edensurv
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Last update May 6th, 2019 05:07 AM EST
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After many months of service, and walking away from the standard KvK mindset; this is Ashes of Eden: Survival.

The survival feature was proposed by many of the players of AoEden as a change for the traditional way of playing Wurm so this is an attempt to revisit a few things.
One of the goal is to attempt to create an environement where a solo player can have as much fun as a group of players. You don't HAVE to fight the enemy kingdom, there is none.
The only enemies are those you choose, or those who chooses you!

Starting with only a compass and a tent, this server will place you in the only starting area, which is the permanent starting deed, that is 100% player built.
Diplomacy and economy is also entirely player made. You want to help people you encounter or rob them, you are free to do so.

This server is meant to be hard, is moderately modded but tried to retain true to the spirit of Wurm, while adding survival/crafting essence to it.
While hard, we attempted to reunite a variety of fix and QoL mod that will help in this journey.

The team:
-Takeda (CA)
-emim0o (Builder,tester,support)

Come meet that gang on the discord:

Important server characteristics (Some slight things might be subject to changes a bit before public launch):

- Survival based, you can freeze to death, or get diseased if you don't boil water!
- 2x action, 3x skills, 1xCR
- Rare Addy and Glim veins
- Characteristics starts at 19.5
- Deed costs and upkeep Enabled - 2 max templars - lowered deed upkeep costs - No guard towers
- 4k map - 50k creatures (TBD) - Bigger biomes
- One kingdom, 100% player based diplomacy/economy. (Which means outlaws will be in effect)
- Player made economy, static coffers (start world with 10G in coffers), no NPC traders. Only merchants and players trades.
- Bounties - May be burnt too for extra Karma/coin and help DB (steel and flint or forges)
- No GM built starter deed. All player built. (Except certain prefabs around the map)
- WL - BL - HOTA
- Rift mobs + Rift items (Handful spawned each week)
- Discord relay - every player can chat together, no matter if in game or on discord - trade channels/rumors
- Hard start (compass + tent, boom)
- GM merchants with sleep powders and other items usually sold by NPC trader at certain point around the world.

We have many server tweaks, and are running the following mods:

-Quality of Life Mods : CreatureAge, CropMod,HarvestHelper,BetterFarm, BetterDigging, ActionTimer Fix, Spellmod, AshProduce,
BountyMod, BountyOnBurn, MeditateMod, ArrowPack, Building Skill (x2), DiscordRelay, TreasureHunting,TentSleep,SmeltPurify
-Additions : Sindusk's Spellcraft (Harden, Replenish, Expand, Quarry), Treasure maps, Hitching Posts
-Changes : StarterGear,PollSpawner(Rift mobs/items),Treasure Chest Claim,Survival(Temperature,crops,water),DusKombat,ServerTweaks

Various server tweaks :
- Priest restrictions are active, rites/spells cost max 150. Unlimited praying but skillgain every hour.
- Statuettes QL matters, rarity as well.
- Food affinities tweak, check balance on hand, favor reworked and much more