[EN] Etheria | PVE | 1000sk 300ac | Mods

[EN] Etheria | PVE | 1000sk 300ac | Mods
Hostname [EN] Etheria | PVE | 1000sk 300ac | Mods
Status Checked 3 hours ago / Online 37 days ago
Players 0 / 232
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map Etheria Fix
Registered by Clover
Registered since September 5th, 2018 12:14 AM EST
Last update November 11th, 2018 11:46 AM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE

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☙ Please note: At this time this server is unlocked for testing purposes. Please report bugs if you find them. Suggestions are open and please remember that the island is currently reserved. Please do not build/deed on the island.

██ 𝓖eneral Information
Temporarily 1 server. A joining is planned but not promised.
1000x skill and 200x action timers multiplier
4096×4096 custom map; hand drawn collaboration between Taumriel's Eragon and myself
100k creatures 80% aggressive
No deeding costs; Upkeep is enabled
Crops do not rot and tick over in 45 sec.
Rarity chances have been heightened slightly.
Server hosted by PingPerfect
No GMs or CA (I am online frequently)
You can find our map here: http://redirect.pingperfecthosting.com/204455/mapviewer/

██ 𝓡ules
Don’t be disrespectful.
No griefing. (Dirt walls blocking off paths/roads/highways are considered griefing)
No attempts to bridge "Rebirth" or "Crescent Island" (Goblin Leader) islands to other islands or mainlands.
No attempts to build, dig or tunnel on the "Rebirth" or "Crescent Island" (Goblin Leader) islands.
Bury what you kill. Don't leave corpses laying around, it causes lag.
There absolutely will be uniques on the map. I will not be disabling them to cater to anyone.
If the topic can cause an argument please keep it to pm's at best.
All client mods are allowed. Bot mod is currently under review and may be disallowed in the future.
Any ill behavior will be reviewed by myself, cross server gms and owners. I will decide if any reaction is warranted and if so how much.

██ 𝓜ods
Accelerated Forestry & Gardening
Adamantine and Glimmersteel Granite Rods
Add Kingdom Items
Add Mission Items
Better Dig
Better Farm
Better Game Masters
Boat Mod
Bounty Mod
Bulk Mod
Cavus Nostra (imping with steel disabled)
Christmas Mod
Creature Age Mod
Crop Mod
Custom NPC
Discord Relay
Double Bulk Capacity
Fire Burn Time
Harvest Helper
Hitching Post
Hitch Limits
Highway Portals
Inactive Players
Inbreed Warning
Increase Merchant Items
Infinity Wide Entry (for multiple mine tunnel entrances)
Mark and Recall (portal stones)
Meditate Mod
Mini Pets
Modify Gestation Period
Moon Metal Mining Mod
More Craftables (limited)
Move Mod
New Portals
No Holy Ground
No Mail Cost
One Tile Mining
Pick More Sprouts
Poll Spawner
PVP Surface Mining Slope
Rockshard Mod: Cast spells into crates for resources like bricks, rock shards, etc (Courtesy of Eragon and Ausimus)
- - Rockshard mod includes ability to sacrifice "religious fragments" for favor restoration.
Sacrifice Mod
Salve Mod
Server Tweaks
Sindusk Library
Spell Craft
Spell Group Mod
Stable Master
Steam ID Ban
Tabard Mod
Timer Fix
Treasure Hunting

Join us in discord https://discord.gg/cYq7HCK