The Wakening Lands (PvPvE) - Opened (3x skill, 10x action)

Hostname The Wakening Lands [PvPvE] (2.5x skill - Epic)
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 2 / 232
Location Canada Canada
Platform Windows
Map Heavenord
Registered by WolfRaiser
Registered since January 3rd, 2018 03:03 PM EST
Last update January 3rd, 2018 03:25 PM EST
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This is it.

The Wakening Lands opened his doors to the grand public. PVP, Adventure world that will grow and change.

With more or less 15 regulars already, we are ready to receive more people!

PVP Map, basic Heavenord but we WILL have a cluster. Custom map with a theme and many prefabs.

Join our discord for any questions, rules, news or just to get to know our regulars.

Server got modified settings, incorporated non game-breaking mods and I'm are very dedicated. We're survival fans and sandbox fan and we intend to give our all to the server.

A few things about the server:
-Current skill gain rate 3x
-All skills starts at rank 8 to facilitate the start
-Strength, Mind Logic and the likes all starts a bit higher to accomodate certain things like horseback riding (22 and 25 respectively)
-Actions are 10x
-Modifed HOTA zone that will be enhanced in a near future.
-No priests limitations
-A long and clear roadmap for the server.

Here is the roadmap of the upcoming weeks:

- Started to work on a new map for the cluster. Hardcore, themed map. More danger, more rewards ;)
- Enhancement of starter deed, securing them as well a bit more.
- Enhancement of Hota zone. (Prefabs and the likes)
- Follow up of all recent additions and modifications if necessary.
-Looking for an effective way to fix various existing vanilla bug
- Starting creating events
- Figure out a plan to incorporate certain ideas that is currently limited by certain mechanics. Looking into the Mission Ruler tool for that purpose, and maybe eventually add custom quests.
-Looking into stripping the code of the epic skill curve, in hope of creating a hardcore server with epic settings.
- Fun! Fun! And more fun!

Note: Work may be a bit slow as I am the only one working on all of this. Any knowledgeful people are welcomed!

Settlement with more than five people will be able to place a trader in the non PVP area. Contact Wolfraiser or /support. Note that as population grows, the required amount of members might change slightly.

We welcome you to join us!

Mod List:

Action Timer fix - FLATTEN, SOW, ALCHEMY, FORAGE, MISC have now a timer that reflects your skill level.

boatmod- Mainly used to be able to lead animals through water. Will be filed for termination when animal transport will be supported by vanilla WU.

bountymod, creatureagemod, betterDig, Ash Mod, Craftable Pauldrons

moonmetalmining- Ability to randomly get Adamantine or Glimmersteel while mining any node. Very small chance. Works like seryll.