Custom 4k map, live -- Treasure Hunting -- 24/7 Support -- QoL Mods

Custom 4k map, live -- Treasure Hunting -- 24/7 Support --
Hostname DRC - Trealia - [Skill x3 Action x5]-[Custom Map]-[PvE]-[Modded
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Location Europe Europe
Platform Linux
Map Trealia
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Last update October 11th, 2017 03:25 AM EST
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Treasure Maps!
You can, possibly, if you're lucky... Find a treasure map from digging, fishing, hunting,...
Then use your compass on the map to read it and try to find it.
But beware... Treasure Guardians will be defending the treasure!
(better QL map/chest = more difficult)

PVE Rules, No Kingdoms, Player Controlled Economy
Continents and islands big and small to settle and adventure on.
Mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, and of course the wide open sea.
A big Spawn Settlement named El Encanto,
that offers everything a starting adventurer needs.


Amount of Creatures:
Agressive Creatures:
3x Storage Limits in crates, BSB, etc
Movement speed increased for players, animals, mounts, carts, etc
Carry Limit increased for players
3x Skillgain
5x Action Speed
Characteristic Skills start at 20.5
(Body Strength, Mind Logic, etc)
Fighting Skill starts at 10
First 121 Deed tiles cost nothing!
Deed upkeep enabled
Deed Tax: Dead deeds will be automatically drained by server.
(90 days of inactivity = dead)
(player accounts that do not get logged on for a few months will also be deleted)
Kingdoms disabled
All Gods available to all players
HOTS features available without being HOTS
Make money by killing wild animals and monsters
Make money by finding it in the grass! (foraging)(uncommon)

El Encanto:
(starting town / spawn)

A Town square with various Merchants that will sell you
useful items not generally made by players.
A big harbor complete with piers for docking, loading, and unloading,
a massive covered promenade with harbor office for trading and enjoying the view.
An Iron Mine open to all players to obtain iron for their first crafting projects.
Several Workshops in which to practice smithing, pottery, cooking, and tailoring.
A Grand Cathedral for all your religious needs,
completely decorated and with astounding views from the towers.
An Inn with various rooms to sleep in free of charge,
also featuring a communal pool.
A big Training Camp with fighting dolls and archery targets,
to hone your skills before venturing into the big open world, filled with danger.
Wide open roads going North, East, South, and West, going off the Starting Island,
complete with tunnels and bridges and guard towers, for easy and safe traveling.