Isles of Valoria

Isles of Valoria


Address Private Server
Hostname Valoria
Status Offline Checked 3 minutes ago / Online 5 days ago
Players 0 / 150
Location United Kingdom United Kingdom
Platform Windows
Map ValoriaIsles
Registered by Iberis
Registered since March 19th, 2017 01:21 PM EST
Last update March 19th, 2017 01:21 PM EST
Last wipe March 18th, 2017 08:00 AM CET
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE PvP

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The community and staff team of Valoria have decided they would like to see a fresh start. An all new custom map, new mods, basically new everything! Valoria was open for almost a year and during that time we have pooled together all of our experience to try to come up with something unique and epic for a great pve server!

Server Specifications
► PVE.
► PVP Island (1kx1k in size and will have HOTA and supply depots).
► Freedom Kingdom.
► WL and BL deities.
► 8192x8192 Custom map.
► 2x Skill & 2x Action.
► Skills start at 1 (except for char stats which start at 20).
► CR 1x.
► 200 Players slots.
► Server is located in the UK.
► Deeds are not free and there is upkeep.

The Map
The map is made up of a central 4k sized mainland, surrounded by four, 2k sized, islands. There are also another nine, separate, 1k sized islands.
Many waterways and rivers, and lots of islands to sail to, make boats very important.
Some of the remote islands will be themed; a desert island for example, where only olive and orange trees grow, a fiery volcanic island with lava, tundra and pine woods, or perhaps a cold island with snowy mountains and glaciers with steppe on the plains.
Creatures on the remote islands may drop rare or strange loot - so a greenish lava fiend might drop bone shoulder pads or a greenish troll might drop a cavalier helmet for example - you'll have to find them and kill them to see!

Modded Madness!
► All four different religions available, both white light and black light
► Priest restrictions are off.
► Sermons are disabled.
► Prayer timer is faster.
► Sacrifice timer is faster.
► You can pray for faith gain an unlimited number of times per day, every 20 minutes apart.
► Sacrifice rares for a 1/100 chance of a rare bone.
► Alters can be pushed or loaded.
► Meditating restrictions are turned off.
► Waiting time between questions is halved.
► Above 20 meditating skill, you can meditate an unlimited number of times for skill gain per day, every 30 minutes apart.
► Meditating timer only 30 seconds (not 2 minutes).
► Dirt, sand, clay, etc drops to the ground when digging; if dragging or riding a cart, it will go into that instead.
► 100% success rate when surface mining.
► Unique 'Clear Soil' mod only found on Valoria. Allows you to dig all four corners in one new action after your digging skill is above thirty.
► 5x clay dug per action.
► Alternative concrete crafting recipe.
► Certain tree types are more rare and are harder to find than others.
► 5x sprouts when picking.
► Action timer for sowing is quicker.
► Crop rotting is disabled.
► Harvest helper lets you do /seasons to see what is in season currently, how long until the next harvest cycle, and when other harvests will be available.
► No traders - standard trader items will be sold by Merchants at the spawn area.
► Monthly trade fair.
► Mailing items is free, unless you are sending COD, which is then 1c per item.
► Bounties for burying creatures.
► Boats, carts and wagons are faster.
► Hitching restrictions lifted for hostile creatures - have fun seeing what you can hitch!
► Portals from the spawn area to the main islands.
► CA Help opens automatically for new players.
► No skill loss on death.
► No drowning.
► No 24hr waiting time to move your bank.
► Loading can be done immediately, 23 body strength is not required.
► Information and Event tabs, with lots of helpful links and dates regarding the server.
► Active, friendly and experienced staff team made up of multiple GM's, CA's and CM's.
► Customised start-up equipment, including a basic pelt and pendulum.
► There is a chance of getting moon metals when mining.
► Prospecting a mine floor works in the same way as surface prospecting.
► Healing covers show their strength in the name.
► Action timers for destroying and alchemy are faster.
► Cave dwellings allow all wall types, with less decay for underground off deed buildings, and walls can be planned directly next to cave walls.
► BSB's can hold more items then normal, and both crate types have double the normal capacity.
► More dragon scale and hide is dropped than normal at slaying events.
► Easily move items to the centre or the corner of tiles.
► Fires show the time left to burn when examined.
► No holy ground limits.
► Improved combat log.
► Joust against other players! Unique mod for Valoria only.