Requiem of Wurm

Requiem of Wurm
Hostname Requiem of Wurm
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Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map Requiem
Registered by jschantz1985
Registered since January 6th, 2017 12:05 AM EST
Last update November 22nd, 2018 10:20 PM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE PvP

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Thanks for checking us out. We'd love for you to join us! :D

Here are some of our server features:

*4x Action & 4x Skill
*Very unique HotA PvP zone - you guys will love it!
*Complete bounties on HotA Island for extraordinary prizes!!
*Begin with 25 Body Control & Mind Logic
*60K max creatures - 60% are aggressive
*4K Map (Made by Drathania) - Click Here
*Interactive Map automatically updated every 6 hours - Click Here to view it
*Server files are automatically backed up every 24 Hours
*Server hosted in Pennsylvania, in my home. Took it over in December of 2016.
*Exceptional GM Service
*35 Hour Crop Times
*Free deed with no upkeep - But if Mayor doesn't log on for 90 days, deed will disband.
*Epic skill curve
*Additional actions while mounted
*Unrestricted Priests with all spells
*75 silver coins to purchase a portal**
*You can craft shoulder pads of MANY varieties
*Kingdom Chat is integrated into Discord
*Many many more...check out our website for everything our server offers!

Mods include:
1) Announcer (Server wide announcement of player logins)
2) Bag of Holding (New spell to enlarge vehicles, boats, and containers)
3) Better Dig (Dig 20kg of clay at once, dig from cart)
4) Bounty Mod (Gives coin when animals are killed)
5) Christmas Mod (Modifiable presents)
6) Creature Age Mod (Keeps creatures at aged for an extended period while accelerating younger stages of animals life)
7) Crop Mod (Prevents crops from overgrowing and can add a few extras on harvest)
8) Dig to Ground (Drop dirt on ground or in vehicle instead of inventory)
9) Fire Burn Time (Displays pretty much the exact time until a fire becomes a layer of glowing coals - charcoal piles excluded)
10) (IMPROVED) Hitching Post (Explanation HERE )
11) Hitch Limits (Allows you to hitch other animals, allow older non-domestic animals to be hitched ans also champions)
12) HotS Fixes (Become a Libila follower/priest and not be killed by guards)
13) Inbreed Warning (Warns of inbreeding)
14) Meditate Mod (No time limit for meditating and do not have to move 10 tiles away)
15) More Cartable Items (Create more items. List of items HERE )
16) Portable Bowl Altars (Craft a bowl altar to pray and gain faith with. Thanks to Erlend ) for donating the mod)
17) (IMPROVED) Portals Mod (Makes portals work. Original mod improved by CUDDLES )
18) Prospect Mod (Prospecting cave floors provides the same info as prospecting a tile on the surface above)
19) Sacrifice Mod (Adds a chance for a rare item to award a BONE of the same rarity)
20) Spell Mod (A mod that makes all spells available and removes many priest restrictions. There are no restrictions on the number of faith gains per day (still need to wait 20 minutes between prayers). Limit spells to at most, 95 favor (to allow casting any spell alone for lower populations)
21) Stable Master (Allows you to exchange animals for animal tokens which can then be loaded onto boats for transport or sold on merchants)
22) Log Wall Panels (Allows for the creation of mock log facades to imitate the effect of a log home)
23) Ash Mod (Produce ash in fires when lit)
24) Accelerated Forestry & Gardening (Info HERE )

**Portals are linked with most other portals. Anyone can use them to teleport to and from.

Please check out our website!
We would love for you to come play on our server. We also have a local resident named Gamer Guy Joe who records awesome Wurm videos for the world to see. Check his videos out HERE!

We also have a Twitter and a Facebook page for any news updates - Check them out!! :)

We hope to see you soon!