Roboland PVE Multispells 3x Kingdom Items Increased vehicle speed Treasure hunts Portals Sacrifice

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Hostname Roboland PVE Multispells Kingdom Items Crop Protection Build yo
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 3 / 200
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map Ocrea
Registered by eyerobot2
Registered since November 29th, 2022 12:48 AM EST
Last update November 29th, 2022 01:37 AM EST
Tag(s) Adventure Modded PvE

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About This Server
Kingdom Items. This includes Wagons, Banners, Flags, Tabards.

Announcer. This announces everyone coming and going. Including GM's.

Bag Of Holding. This spell can be cast on containers to increase their capacities.

Better Dig. Allows digging from Carts or Wagons, Directly into your crates.

Better Farm. Allows timed growth periods.

Bulk Separated. This will sort your bulk items by quality.

Creature Age. Animals on Roboland age normally.

Creature Mod. New types of horses, Cows, And lots of exotic animals are added.

Crop Mod. Crops will grow over an eight hour time period, And will not turn to weeds if ignored.

Halloween Event. At Halloween Gravestones with strange creatures will spawn, With special rewards.

Harvest Helper. Mounted Farming, And 3x3 and 5x5 area farming. Level 30 required.

Hitching Post. Hitch animals to this post.

Hwportals. Allows players to build portals on deed, And connect to the highway system to allow instant teleporting to other deeds. Providing that their deed settings are correct.

Inbreed Warning. You will get a message that warns you not to breed those two animals because they are related.

Mark And Recall. Create a rune to mark a place for you to teleport back to.

Movemod. All animal and vehicle speeds are adjustable.

One Tile Mining. You do not need to clear more rock than the one tile that your mining on.

Servemap. The server creates a brand new image of the game server on every restart. This map is displayed when you click your map icon.

Sacrifice. You have a one in ten chance to get a raring bone when you sacrifice rare items.

Spellmod. Any player can be a preist without the normal restrictions. Also all white light preists share each others spells.

Taxidermy. Fine carpentry is required to create the taxidermy kit. 1000 Karma is required to use it on a corpse.

Timefix. All timers that are ignored by Wurms speed multiplier are added to the configuration.

Treasure Hunting. Maps can be obtained by digging, Mining and many other methods, That will lead you to fortune and glory.