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Hostname Solis Occasum
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Platform Windows
Map Ocrea
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Last update November 19th, 2021 11:03 AM EST
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After the Age of War, the World came to peace, and the people lived their lives together, and were happy.
But, from generation to generation, they grew fat, and lazy from their wealth and wellbeing, and they started to forget who brought this life to them, and the struggles of the times before.

With the knowledge of the epochs past fading, which were such wondrous times, also faded the belief that this world was a gift of the gods. The people started to believe that it was their natural right to be the top of the food chain.
The Gods looked at their creation and were disturbed by what they witnessed.

The gods came to the conclusion that there was a reason why they had bestowed free will upon humanity. To choose their own path.
So the decades passed, the people became bored with their wealth, and lost the ability to derive happiness from it.
Envy and hate rose, and became the leading motivations for the masses to even interact with each other.

With the envy and hate growing in the minds of the people, one thing faded completely, their belief in the Gods.

This was the point at which Magnaron sided with Libila against Fo and Vynora, having been corrupted by the decline of faith they turned in upon each other, as the people did only worship themselves.
They made a plan to wipe out the envy, greed and arrogance from the world.
In their godly wrath they wanted to see the world suffer and the people to die with eyes wide open, realising it was a punishment wrought by their own hands.
So they sent a plague. Starting with a couple of rats sent into the cities, it started to spread all over the world. With each merchant's travels, new cities fell victim to Gods' wrath.

So the people were made humble, and suffered the most horrible deaths.
As it was not the Divines' wish to end all humankind, they choose a humble few from all over the world.
And with hidden messages and what could be seen as wonders, they showed them the way to an island, which the plague would not be able to reach.
This is where we woke up after a long journey into a better life.
Will we lift the burden the Gods have laid upon us, and become a part of a new epoch of Mankinds history?