Stone Peaks Wilderness and Aggertine Wilderness

Stone Peaks Wilderness and Aggertine Wilderness
Hostname Stone Peaks Wilderness (NEW-Nov 1st-8k PVE 1x1)
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 2 / 232
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map Stone Peaks Wilderness
Registered by rezden
Registered since November 1st, 2018 04:21 PM EST
Last update December 12th, 2018 07:14 PM EST
Tag(s) Modded PvE

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-PVE 1x1x
-8k map
-150,000 creatures
-90% aggressive
-Skills start at 25
-Characteristics start at 23
-Alts are allowed, but only one character may be played at the same time. Also only one character per person may get the bonus skill increases.(bonus skill increases are: 3 skills to 33 and 2 skills to 40)
-base player combat rating =1. (Lower than default)
-Bounty mod on aggressive creatures.
-Mini dungeons/encampments with loot.
-custom achievements and titles
-custom mobs
-traveling merchant will buy certain items. (items bought will change on a weekly or monthly schedule)
-No priest restrictions, but there is a 40 prayer skill requirement for becoming a priest.


Aggertine Wilderness

Opened December 10th
(This server is not connected to Stone Peaks Wilderness but the lore is connected and both servers share the same discord.)
This is considered a Hardcore server and is recommended for those that want a very long term challenge.
-4K map 0.5 skill gain and 1.0 action timer
-No map will be posted as of right now.( The map is smoother than Stone Peaks with less mountains and at least one river)
-100,000 creatures( 20-30 uniques )
-98% aggressive -Skills start at 1
-Characteristics start at 19
-Start with only a steel and flint
-Alts are allowed, but only one character may be played at the same time.
-base player combat rating =.7(Lower than default)
-survival mod(includes cold weather and water disease)
-Bounty mod on aggressive creatures. -Karma earned from burning corpses.
-discord relay :
-Mini dungeons/encampments with loot(a few coins).
-traveling merchant will buy certain items. (items bought will change on a weekly or monthly schedule)
-No priest restrictions, but there is a 30 prayer skill requirement for becoming a priest.
-All Client mods are banned here except live map!
-default deed costs
-Karma can be earned by burning corpses


In the year 970 King Graiden of Brithanza, who is in allegiance with the Freedom Isles, sent out expeditions in search of new lands. After about 10 years ,one of the expeditions led by Captain Maddox Brock, discovered a new land. The King was very excited about the discovery and decided to come see the new land for himself.

The King ended up spending over two weeks sailing around the new land and even wanted to go inland but his officers insisted it was far to dangerous for the King because the large amount of hostile creatures roaming about. It was at this time when King Graiden decided to name the new land. After seeing the enormous amount of rock cliffs and mountain peaks and seeing how rugged and hostile most of the land was, He named it Stone Peaks Wilderness.

The King commissioned a small settlement to be built , which became known as Stone Peaks Foothold. The King guaranteed free transport to the new land for all adventurers, pioneers, hunters, and gold seekers that proved that they had enough skills to stay alive and banned all novices from traveling there. He also made deals with traveling merchants to regularly trade with the new land to help it grow and prosper.

One year later, another expedition led by Dale Agmos discovered another new land. The expedition was only able to make a very brief exploration and was unable to map the new land because they only had enough supplies to make the return voyage to Brithanza and the land was even more deadly than Stone Peaks Wilderness so the Expedition decided it was too risky to try to gather supplies from the new land. One thing they found before leaving though was an ancient coin and on it, written in an ancient language was “Aggertine Empire”.

The King, after hearing the news, was very excited, but he was unable to send experienced pioneers and adventurers there or offer free transport because he was spending almost all his extra resources on Stone Peaks Wilderness. Surprisingly though a wealthy noble of the kingdom, by the name of Sir Hadmosk, offered to pay to transport all the poor and unskilled adventurers to the new land that wanted to go. After his offer, some began to say he had a secret motive for his generous offer but most didn’t care and were just h