*NEW* Alysian Blue 4x/4x PvE ~Dedicated ~ Modded ~ Custom Map

*NEW* Alysian Blue 4x/4x PvE ~Dedicated ~ Modded ~ Custom
Hostname Alysian Blue 4x/4x Custom Map PvE Dedicated
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 0 / 200
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map Ocrea
Website http://www.alysianblue.com
Registered by eudaemonea
Registered since May 6th, 2018 08:13 PM EST
Last update August 27th, 2018 09:03 AM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE

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About the Server:

Opened to the public on May 6, 2018 (open 1 month prior for friends/family during testing and setup)
PvE Server hosted in Charlotte, NC on dedicated hardware
Daily Backups and Server Restarts
200 Slots
60k Creatures - 30% Aggressive (will increase as server ages)
4096x4096 Custom Map with Extreme Mountains
Map auto updates at 6am and 6pm Central
Player friendly website with integrated map
In game map matches actual server map
Discord Relay Chat
Deed Upkeep is Enabled
CA Help Tab auto opens for new players
4x Actions,4x Skills
Ride horses and use rowboats immediately
Fighting starts at 10
All other skills start at 1

Cabra - Our New Player Starter Town:

Public Mine with Smelters/Forges/Large Anvils
Resource Tiles
White Light Altar
Practice Dolls to level Fight Skill to 20 before leaving town
Cooking, Praying and Tailoring Areas
Pumpkin and Cotton Fields for starter food and healing materials
GM Merchants
New Merchant Village and Inn added 5/20
No Trader
Beds in each building
Portal to our Capital City (coming soon)

Priest, Meditation and Spell Changes:

No priest restrictions
20 Minute Prayers all day
Priests can cast spells from the same light
Sermons are disabled
Linking is required for high favor casts
30 Minute Meditation Timer all day
Bag of Holding
*NEW* Additional Spells added 5/25

Resources & Ore Changes:

Resource tiles provide 5kg each action
Tar/Clay/Peat/Moss each node is 1-5 tiles on average
Tar/Clay/Peat/Moss are not always easy to find
Ore distribution changed to increase value to common ore
50 Hits for each rock tile
Up to 70 dirt per tile on the surface (and much lower on mountains)

Loot Changes:

No Treasure Chests
No Treasure Maps
Rift Items found in nature
Unique's require specific character conditions in order to receive loot
Rarity Odds Increased
Higher chance for rare bone during sacrifice
Get paid to kill creatures
Moonmetals drop from creatures

Our treasure drops directly from creatures. Kill a mountain lion with a shovel at midnight? You might find a garden gnome! You have to go explore and try different things in order to discover all of our little secrets! Looking for a rare bone? Better work on that fight skill and kill creatures in unusual ways to find the special combination required to trigger a possible drop.

Creature Changes:

Normal Animal Aging
Taxidermy (uses Karma)
Hitching Posts
Hitch Animals to Ships
Inbreed Warning
Hitch Any Animal to Carts/Wagons
Animals don't unhitch due to age

Farming, Nature & Teraforming Changes:

Many actions can be done from the cart & have faster level actions
Improved Action Timers
Cultivate/sow/farm/harvest/replant in larger areas as skill goes up
Combined piles of harvests
Use /seasons in game for additional info on what's ready for harvesting
Pick 5 Sprouts instead of just 1
No crop rot
Salve gets renamed with strength and ingredients

Other Changes:

Faster Boats and Carts
Faster Mounts that can climb higher slopes
BSB Sort by QL
Hot items can go into bsb/fsb
Loadable mailboxes and belltowers
Fire Burn Timer
No Build Limit!
No Mail Costs
Check Balance Action on Character Screen
Move to Center/Corner
Place Items on tables/surfaces
Player Pets added 5/25
Real Time Merchant Information - link in game, on website, or discord!