Vrystoria - Custom World 1x by 2x RP - PVE server

Vrystoria - Custom World 1x by 2x RP - PVE server
Hostname Vrystoria - Beta RP- Custom map- 1x skill 2x action Will Launch
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Players 3 / 200
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Platform Windows
Map Heavenord
Website https://vrystoria.wixsite.com/wurm
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Vrystoria is a strict PVE role-playing server with 1x skill gain ticks and 2x action timers. There are no priest restrictions and each Steam accounted is limited to one character to encourage interaction between characters.

The world is made up of two continents; the wild wilderness to the north that is shadowed by mountainous landscapes, and the green flat prairie fields to the south, humble and welcoming to new adventurers and settlers. Each character in the world has the opportunity to contribute to the story and shape the development of the world. What part will you play?

* The world dimensions are 2048x2048
* Characteristics start at 20 with the exception of body control starting at 21
* Starting gear is standard QL 10 sword & board, leather armour
* Deeds and upkeep are not free
* Bounties are granted on killing and burying wild creatures, so funding a deed is made easy
* Paid building jobs are available from roads to towers to buildings
* Traders are activated
* Dungeons have been implemented for players to venture through scenarios for yielding coin. (Dungeons requiring multiple players are coming soon!)

Events will be announced at least one week prior to taking place and can be found on the forum http://vrystoria.freeforums.net/board/9/events

There are four lead GM's, Dragon, EmmaGrace, John and George.
GM's play at different timezones so there's a good chance at least one will be available to support you. They're always looking out for devoted players to become community managers.