TWL - Cataclysm (2.5x/8x) 4k map

Hostname TWL - Cataclysm PVP (2.5x/8x) 4k map
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TWL is reborn.

After a change in the administration crew, everything was opened and discussed and reviewed, which ended in TWL being completely revamped, so we are back, with new name.
Maps, settings, deeds, rules, everything was reviewed.

We added a custom map. It has his name due to some peculiar landscape you might sometimes. ;) Here's some details about it :
-4096 by 4096
- Adamantine and Glimmersteel natural veins
- Brand new starter deeds, smaller, simpler. With an iron mine. Everything is secured.
- Proximity of entities related to each kindgom's crowns to each starter deed
- Dueling Ring near starter deeds
- Altars more accessible
- Black light near HOTS starter deed
- Hidden artifacts

Notable settings:
-2.5 skill rate
-Fight skills related 4x skill rate
-8x action
-Body skills starts at 22, mind logic starts at 25
-Epic settings, the curve helps new players get up to speed to older players
-Each kingdom in-game chat is connected to each of their respective counterpart text channels in our discord (locked to their respecticve kingdom members only)
-No freedom kingdom. No kingdom really IS no kingdom (Not recommended unless you're a lone wolf. Random spawn point. Inability to build tower. Etc.)

Mods on the server:
Action Timer fix - FLATTEN, SOW, ALCHEMY, FORAGE, MISC have now a timer that reflects your skill level.

boatmod- Mainly used to be able to lead animals through water. Will be filed for termination when animal transport will be supported by vanilla WU.

bountymod, creatureagemod, betterDig, Ash Mod, Craftable Pauldrons, Claim Chest, Hitching Posts