Iron Moors

Iron Moors
Hostname Iron Moors
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Players 2 / 200
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map New
Registered by Solarus
Registered since October 2nd, 2017 11:06 PM EST
Last update October 18th, 2021 10:38 PM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE

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Iron Moors is all new and improved.
No lag game play running through a private top end system.
We do NOT wipe our server. The game play world has been running for nine years and now is a smooth playing experience for all.
The server itself is a top quality PVE server with a huge 4K map.

Map: (copy and paste)

To make your play-ability easier and faster, there is a 10X skill gain with serious Mods to make life easier.

We use the bounty system to aid the players in the ability to make money. We also give bounties for many creatures that are domesticated.
You can also sell the bodies and weapons of the creatures you kill at your settlement token.
The reward system is set up with 10,000 silver so you never run out of rewards funds.
In turn our vendors are set up with 1000 silver and a maximum of 5000 silver each month.


We have incorporated the use of Treasure maps to give your adventure more variety while playing the game.
These maps are easily obtained by digging, mining, hunting, and fishing. .
The value and quantity of the rewards is determined by the quality of the map you have.
The treasure chests you dig up from the maps are protected by creatures that appear when you dig it up.
The quantity and difficulty of these creatures is also determined by the quality of the map you have.

We now have recall runes to get you around much faster. This comes in handy when you are exploring, treasure hunting, or just going to your friends.
You can now just mark a rune, go somewhere else and then go back to the exact place you marked it to continue where you left off.
The quality of the rune determines how far you can transport yourself.
The quality of the runes can be improved upon and can be repaired, as well as remarked as many times as you need to.

The world is now populated with a 130K creature population. It is set up with a 90% hostile to 10% domestic ratio.
This population includes the new skins for new horses, wild cats, big cats, chickens, cows, bears, and pigs.

Performing daily tasks has been made easier by some serious mods.
Digging is extremely fast and if you are on a cart your items you are digging will be placed directly into your cart and any crates or bulk storage bins.
Also those storage units now carry twice as much as normal.
Digging clay, peat moss, and tar dig 20 every time you shovel.
Campfires create a good amount of ash.

Designing a room to make it look lived in is now much more fun.

Rules to Iron Moors Play:

Iron Moors is dedicated to the concept of letting the players play.
Our Rules are simple and skimpy.

Rule 1.
Don't die! (No penalty for this rule. The experience is bad enough.)

Rule 2.
Don't kill other players. (Can't anyway. PVE format won't allow it)

Rule 3.
The hunting of 'unique' creatures is NOT prohibited. If you can shoot it, hack it, slash it, or bash it, than have at it.
All creatures and npc's are fair game.

Rule 4.
If you can do it, than it is ok. This includes looting chests, crates, carts, boats, houses, settlements, ruins, and even pets.
The basic concept is, If you can pick it up or ride it, it is yours.
The game is designed to allow protection from theft if the owner does not want it taken.

Rule 5.
The only Real rule that I care about: If you get upset with someone and you decide to argue with them, Take it private!
If there is a serious concern than allow the GM's to handle it.

That's it folks. The Short Rules List is designed to let the players have fun while always being mindful of the other players.

The Administration and GM's of Iron Moors are committed to making sure your gaming experience at Iron Moors is always top notch.
We welcome all new comers and hope you will come join us.
Come enjoy a lag free gaming experience with us.

Note: Server has no control over lag on your end.