Sanctuary of Solace

Sanctuary of Solace
Hostname Sanctuary of Solace
Status Checked 4 minutes ago / Online 4 days ago
Players 0 / 232
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map SanctuaryofSolace
Registered by asperis
Registered since June 24th, 2017 05:00 AM EST
Last update February 11th, 2018 04:15 PM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE PvP

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Server Features

Server Features:

1 PVE Server with HotA Zone

200 slots

4096 X 4096 Customized Map

60K + Creatures

45% aggressive Spawn

20 in all skills & 25 BC to ride horses & 25 ML to ride carts and wagons
30ql Leather Armor & Shield, 50ql Long Sword
2 ropes, compass, sickle, scythe
+Normal starting tools and equipment

10x Faster Skill Gain
10x faster Actions (including all actions)
Decreased weapon smiting difficulty.
Action Timer cap during imping has been lowered.

Free Premium
No Deeds Cost. (Deed Size limited to 100 X 100)
Lessend upkeep for all villages. (About 5S per month for the max 100 x 100 deed)
Free Mail
Mailboxes start with a 30 power cast
Bounty for killing monsters.
Player run Merchants.
Traders have increased amount of funds.
People receive coins for highway building. (1s per 20 tiles)
People receive coins for building a guard tower. (5s per tower)
Player made events (will be supported with coins and GM help)

No priest penalties.
Champion System (1 per account limit).
Unlimited prayers per day. (every 20 minutes for faith gain)
Bone Altar and Libila priests added with fixes for spells.
No priest linking required.

Unlimited Meditations per day. (every 30 minutes for skill tic)
No more “You fail to relax” messages during meditation.
You no longer need to move for meditation skill gain.
Cooldown between meditation path levels has been decreased by 50% from WO standards.
Meditating is now also part of the skill multiplier.

You will be able to run faster with heavier weight in inventory
Faster movement on animals, carts, boats and ships
Forges will fit 100 ores.
Champion and weaker animals can be hitched.
All animals that can be lead can be lead on water.
Decreased loading timer.
Increased loading radius.
Crates now hold a lot more items.
Moving of bulk goods is no longer limited to inventory capacity. (drag more than 100 items)
Meat, Fish and filets fit into Fsb and Crates.
Mushrooms Fit into Fsb and Crates.
You can drop Hot items into the bsb and fsb.
Hitch animals to ships to transport them
New types of crates added (Medium, Huge, and Dirt Crates)

Crops only take 4 hours to grow and NEVER rot and produce extra gains.
Decreased Sowing timer.
Harvest from Cart or Mount.

~45 mining hits per wall
Digging and leveling works like mining.
Surface Mining will lower the rock on every hit.

Added /seasons command which shows when the next fruits etc get ripe.
Added a season MOTD.
Added an inbreed warning message.

Other Features:
Bag of Holding spell added to all priests.
Forges, Smelters and Kilns now produce ash piles.
CA Help is now enabled for newbies by default.
Fix for characteristics skill multiplier.
Better Combat Log added to Combat Tab.
Cave dwellings can now be built against walls and don’t need flat floors and can be built with any type wall.
Concrete is no longer made with lye and mortar but rock shards and clay.
Craftable Pauldrons.
Custom Creatures added.
Can fish in mines and while swimming
Action timers are fixed
Custom server decorations (Wagons, Banners, Tall Banners, Flags, Tapestries, and Meditation Rugs)
Animal gestation period lowered to 5 days and spell added to all priests to lower gestation by one day
Many previous items that were not craftable can be crafted (Masks, helmets, hota status, artifacts, and many more) These items are different then the originals.
Portals have been added.
Leading rope that can lead up to 6 animals at once.
Percentage chance on sacrificing items to gain rare bones
Steamid bans can be issued more properly now
Ship models now display different wood types like barrels or buckets
Led animals can now be exchanged into tokens that you can carry around
Adoption cards from traders that can be redeemed for riding dragons, hatchlings, and sea serpents
Affinity cards from traders to buy new affinities
PMK flags, banners, tall banners, tabards, and wagons have been added
Some GM commands have been improved
You will now be able to obtain glimmersteel, adamantine, seryll like gems during mining
Fog spiders have been disabled during fog spawns due to lag.
Can now use rare bones on carts and ships
Tiny pocket dimension added to traders
Shield of the Gone nerf fixed
Move to center and move to nearest corner have been added to the moving options.
Lawn tiles can now be grazed on and percentage chance that lawn and enchanted grass tiles