World of Wonders

World of Wonders
Address Private Server
Hostname Wonders
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 20 / 200
Location United States of America United States of America
Platform Windows
Map Ocrea
Registered by Yggdrasil
Registered since June 11th, 2017 03:58 PM EST
Last update February 10th, 2018 10:09 PM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE PvP
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PVE Server with large PVP area (Opened 10 June 2017)
World of Slaughter (2k x 2k) PVE Survival Server

Cluster with a login server. So you will see a different population readout on here compared to the Wurm Launcher.

2.5x Skill Gain
5x Actions (all actions corrected to be affected by multiplier)

Custom 8k X 8k map
Small amount of adamantine and glimmersteel veins throughout the map
200k creatures

No Deed Cost
Upkeep IS Enabled

Starter Town
Large starter town with a lot to offer to help out new players

Portals to the four corners of the map to accelerate traveling to far away places
Deed Portals available to purchase in-game or through donations.
Mount and Cart Speed increased. ~30kts per no trait horse cart ~50kts per no trait HH cart
Ship Speed increased. (Currently Tweaking ship speed to be more comparable to increase cart speed)
Hitch ANY animal that you can tame or dominate to your cart/wagon
Animals will not unhitch due to ageing or becoming untamed
Stablemaster available at Life Spring and all four distant outposts

Bounty Mod
All creatures provide bounty up to 1s for rift monsters
Coin goes directly to your bank
No bounty provided for burying corpses.(possibly implement later)
Captive breed animals provide much less then wild animals

Priest Modifications
All kingdom priests are available
Libilia priest remain part of Freedom kingdom
No Priest restrictions
Deity only spells
Linking is required for high favor casts

Meditation Modifications
Always succeed to meditate
Unlimited meditations
No need to move to skill again
1/10 time for path promotions

Double size of crates 300 for small crates 600 for large crates
Bulk Storage Bins size increased
Everyone can load
BSB/Altars loadable
Easy transfer if items between crates-crates, crates-bsb. 100 item transfer available regardless of character carry limit.

Do not rot
Grow time is roughly 12-14 hours
Harvesthelper gives an audible alert when crops grow

Dig/flatten/level from cart/wagon
Dirt/tar/peat/moss/clay that are dug is put into Cart/wagon and even the crates you have loaded in the vehicle if mounted
Tar/Moss/Clay all dig 10kg each dig
Peat dig 20kg each dig

General Updates
No Mail Cost
All mailboxes start with 30 cast enchant
Horses will age through the foal stages quicker but age normal later in life
Craft all pauldrons in the game (requires applicable skills)
Fire burn time displayed in hours/minutes instead of vague read outs
Ovens and forges will produce ash when lit up to 6.4kg
Load crates do not require body strength beyond starter stats.
Monster loot tables being updated to provide more incentive to go out fighting
1% chance when you sacrifice a rare+ you will get a strange bone
Move to center or move to corner enabled for easier organizing
CA automatically opened to all without having to toggle
Announcer mod


Large PVP are in the SE mountains.
Currently designing capture the flag type bases in the opposing craters to allow for some interesting team based games to be hosted
PVP area will have more interesting loot from the mobs found there.
More interesting mobs found in that area. (Rift monsters and others not normally seen)

Events/Unique Features

Ongoing events include over 20 small dungeons already created and stocked

Loki's Mysteries: Small encounters you will find around the map. Is the trickster up to no good or did he leave some good items behind in the mayhem.

All unique slayings will be community events that all are welcome to attend.

Rare shop in main city with non craftable items for sale. The stock changes weekly.
Traveling trader that moves weekly and has unique stock

GMs will support player run events and ideas. Just post in suggestions or a support ticket in game to get the ball rolling.

Rift Monster spawn is not currently enabled because the community is to new and not ready. Once skills are leveled up more they will be enabled to spawn with a low chance around the whole map. More will be found in the pvp area then anywhere.

Currently working on

Providing a karma bounty on top of coin bounty from creatures
Dragon/Drake/Other Unique mounts
Random Event Generator to make dungeons less predictable and require less GM interaction.
Medium and Large dungeons are currently being designed and will be used for mid to end game challenges.
Modifying what you can do from mounted

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