Nenya PVE, 3x/5x, slow-paced, custom map, many mods

Hostname Nenya PVE, 3x/5x, slow-paced, custom map, many mods
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Location Canada
Platform Windows
Map nenya
Registered by Batta
Registered since May 25th, 2017 06:58 PM EST
Last update November 2nd, 2018 03:31 PM EST
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Nenya is a slow-paced server with a challenging map and some unusual rules to help keep it a nice place for good people. We expect all of our players to be cooperative and considerate. If you like to play fast, build everything in a week, and compete with other players, this is not the right server for you. Please read our RULES page and make sure you agree before playing. Thanks.

Game chat via Discord:

Game Settings:

3x skill gain / 5x action timers

Characteristics begin at 23. You will be able to ride a horse and load a cart right away.

All skills start at 10, including Fighting

Custom map, 10,000 creatures, 50% aggressive. These figures will change as gameplay progresses and there are more ways to escape.

Founding deeds costs half the upkeep amount for your deed size (which is 1/10 of what it would cost on vanilla Wurm), then normal upkeep cost every month. Max deed size 81 x 81. For a minimum sized deed, you will need about 4 silver 13 copper to begin, since Wurm requires that you add 3 silver to your upkeep when founding a deed. Please see the RULES page for more information about deeding on Nenya.

Bounties are set at 2.5x default rate, making trolls 25 copper and uniques 5 silver. There are also opportunities for paid work from the GMs or other players.

Crops tick every 1 hour, and won't rot if you leave them.

No priest restrictions. Faith gains every 20 minutes, no limit per day, up to 300 Faith/Favor

Meditation skill gains every 30 minutes, no limit per day

Spawn area (Nenya village) offers limited mining, a trader and a bartender. There is a residential section that you can live in until you have enough coin to found a deed of your own. There is also a dungeon down in the mine, with mob spawners to help you skill up and earn bounties in a controlled environment.

Every player gets to create a custom recipe that we'll add to the game. GMs will help you design it so it works.


PLEASE NOTE: There will be a server backup most nights at about 9:00pm Pacific time (give or take a few minutes). If you are online at the time, you will be disconnected without warning and this sometimes creates small glitches in your character, inventory, or placement of animals. Please log off before backup to avoid this. The backup usually lasts less than 5 minutes, unless there are big changes to be implemented.



Players need to install the client-modlauncher, including connectionfix, custommap, and serverpacks-client mods in order to see special creatures, such as zebras, pandas, ocelots, and special horses, and use other modded features.

Please see the website Server Info page for a detailed description of the mods offered on Nenya.