Harmony PVE, 2x/3x, slow-paced, custom map, many mods

Hostname Harmony PVE, 2x/3x, slow-paced, custom map, many mods
Status Checked 1 minute ago
Players 0 / 232
Location Canada
Platform Windows
Map Harmony
Website https://harmonywu.enjin.com
Registered by Batta
Registered since May 25th, 2017 06:58 PM EST
Last update September 8th, 2019 02:59 AM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE

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Harmony is a Wurm Unlimited server intended for players who prefer a slow-paced, non-competitive gaming environment with a great community.  To keep it from degenerating, we have Rules that we strictly enforce.

This is NOT the right server for you if you:
- aren't willing (or able) to follow every rule, every single time
- like to grind skills and become awesome very fast
- think freedom of speech includes a right to alienate or abuse others
- believe that it's better to ask forgiveness later than to ask permission first

Game chat via Discord

Game Settings: 2x skill gain / 3x action timers

Characteristics begin at 23. You will be able to ride a horse and load a cart right away.

All skills start at 1.0, except Fighting at 10.0

Custom map, 25,000 creatures, 50% aggressive. These figures will change as gameplay progresses and there are more ways to escape.

DEEDS: No cost to begin a deed BUT you must have minimum 3 silver in your bank account toward upkeep or it won’t let you complete the settlement application. Monthly upkeep costs 10 iron per tile, which is half of vanilla Wurm. Spirit templars cost 1 silver each to hire, then 1 silver each per month upkeep.

Max deed size 81 x 81, or 6561 total tiles however you want to configure them. Make sure your deed is big enough to get all your farming, mining, etc. done, since you must confine these to your deed. Please see the RULES page on our website for more information about deeding on Harmony.

Bounties are set at 2.5x default rate, making trolls 25 copper and rats 5 copper. Using steel & flint to burn any corpse gets you another 5 copper + 5 karma.

Crops tick every 3 hours, and won't rot if you leave them. Players can farm a 3x3 section with one action at 10 Farming, 5x5 at 30 Farming, and 7x7 at 70 Farming.

No priest restrictions. Faith gains every 20 minutes, no limit per day. All spells available to all priests of sufficient skill level.

Harmony village offers limited mining, a limitless Tree Farm, a Trader, a Bartender, a GM Buyer merchant, a GM Merchant, and a horse spawner. There is a residential section (the Condos) that you can live in while you skill up and earn money, or for as long as you like until you found a deed of your own or join someone else's deed. A dungeon in the Public Mine has mob spawners to help you skill up and earn bounties in a controlled environment.