PVEpLands.com - Combat Pets, Heavy Magic Focus, Pack/Social Mobs, Mob Migration

Address pveplands.ddns.net:3724
Hostname PvepLands - Combat Pets, Custom Magic, Creatures Migrate and fi
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 0 / 200
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map New
Website http://www.pveplands.com
Registered by Pveplands
Registered since December 17th, 2016 08:42 PM EST
Last update April 5th, 2019 04:21 PM EST
Tag(s) Modded PvE

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Combat Pets, Magic Focused, Pack Mobs (Mobs will fight as a group), Migrating Packs
PVEpLands - fresh lands ready for you to claim

Newest features include Magic Update, Packs of mobs have social behavior, Mobs migrate across the map dependent on various factors.

PVEpLands was the home of the treasure map mod and still utilizes it today

This is a non monetized server with a good, friendly and supportive community.
Toxic or high maintenance personalities are encouraged to find a server more suited to their playstyle

Server Map

Server Settings
4096x4096 map
Freedom Isles kingdom, one deity with almost all magic spells enabled.
Many useful spells have extremely reduced favor cost and low cooldowns
No Priest Restrictions
75000 creatures, 75% aggro
Epic skill curve (actual/effective), 1.2x skill multiplier, 5x action timers
Body Strength 23, Body Control 25, Mind Logic 25
All players start with some helpful extras that make getting started easier (stone chisel, whetstone, cotton and more)
Upkeep is enabled, founding costs disabled
Bounty mod for income generation
Epic Missions enabled for Karma gain and sorcery
Village portal system to allow for easy travel
Animals can be converted to token for portal use, no stablemaster required
Online Map

Announcer - announces players logging in
Ash Produce - burning containers (oven, forge, campfire) produce ash as a byproduct
Bag of Holding - magically enlarge containers
Better Combat Log - colorized combat log
Better Dig - digging operations (dig, level) utilize cart storage or the ground for dirt storage and transfer)
Bounty Mod - get paid for killing creatures at the kings behest
Bulk Transport Mod
Chest Claim
Crop Mod - no more weeds if you can't tend your fields right away
Double Bulk Capacity
Epic Mission Hints - Earn sleep bonus doing epic missions
Fire Burn Time
Hitching Post
Hitch Limits (allows almost any creature to be hitched, stay passive while hitched and not unhitch due to age)
Meditate Mod
Moon Metal Mining Mod
Move Altar Mod
Pick More Sprouts
Prospect Mod
Sacrifice Mod (rare bone chance)
Skill Mod
Spell Mod
Stable Master
Starter Gear
Treasure Map Mod - find treasure maps while hunting, digging, mining or fishing