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Hostname WurmPals
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Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map Heavenord
Registered by TwistedHaunt
Registered since August 4th, 2023 12:12 PM EST
Last update August 15th, 2023 11:49 AM EST
Tag(s) Adventure Modded PvE PvP

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About This Server

Hey there Twisted here. I started this server just to get back together with some old wurm pals (hence the name)

We decided to open to the public. Ive got one wish for this server and that is to have a good time!

Bear with me as this is an airplane built in flight. All mods, rates, and server rules are subject to change. That being said if there is something you'd like tweaked or a mod youd like to try. Let me know. If it is of large impact and the majority of the server agrees we will go that way.


The following mods have been enabled on the server. I will attempt to detail and answer any question as to "what" you can do on the server.

Announcer - Announces login and logouts of all characters. This allows you to see when your friends come online.

Better Dig - Better dig allows for dirt dug to be dropped directly to ground. It also enables the ability to mine from mount. If you have cargo space on your wagon, cart, etc. Dirt should be placed inside automatically.

Better Farm - Better farm allows for a few different QOL enhancements to farming. Chief among them is the ability to Farm, and Harvest in a 3x3 area centered upon the targeted tile. Also available is the ability to "Harvest and Replant (replants the same crop present on harvest)"

Bounty Mod - Mob kills now reward copper payout directly to your bank.

Crop Mod - Stops planted crops from overaging. In order to get max yield you will still want to "Farm" your crops on each growth tick.

DUSKombat - Is a rework of the entire Wurm combat system. Mod is enabled with default settings changes and fixes detailed here "https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/163705-duskombat-full-combat-system-rewrite/"

SpellMod - Removes priest restrictions (you can now improve, dig, etc on a priest). Also allows access to all spells regardless of deity. Deity selection now only affects what passive benefits you recieve.

VoteReward - Allows you to cast a vote for WurmPals @ https://wurm-unlimited.com/server/12295/vote/ once every 24 hours. Once you have voted you may claim a 50c reward by typing /vote

Skill Gain multiplier = 9 (default is 3 roughly a 3x increase on base

Characteristics = All start at 35

Fight Skill = Starts at 40

All other skills = Start at 45

Player combat modifier = 3 (this is default)

Action speed modifier = 9 (roughly 3x faster)

Minimum mining hits = 6 (this allows tunnels to have a chance to open at 6 mining/tunneling actions

Breeding time modifier = 6 (up from 3 - this is faster)

Field growth timer, hour = .75 (default is 1 hour)

That being said if there is a wish for another map or the creation of a cluster we can make that happen as well.

I own all my hardware and run a fiber connection. The server WILL REMAIN UP unless I feel intrest has died. I dont care if theres one player I will not throw away your hours of effort.

https://discord.gg/rxX6PH3C Join us on discord and say hi