Sawrio [1X, Custom Map, PVE, Light Mods, Tough]

Hostname Sawrio [PvE, Custom Map, 1x rate, Newbie friendly]
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Platform Windows
Map sawrio
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Last update June 23rd, 2018 06:52 AM EST
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Sawrio is a low-population PVE (Player VS Environment) server built on a custom map with the original WURM ONLINE game-play in mind. This is a wold for rugged individuals. Low management means you are really left to your own wits in order to survive - and thrive - in this wilderness. This server is for players looking for a lasting game; nothing comes easily on Sawio but when you finally are able to build or tame or ride something, the reward is tremendous.

Your goal, on Sawrio, is to build a settlement to be proud of and specialize in one or more trades. You may have friends join you in your settlement in a populous area and make something amazing, or live like a hermit high on a mountain-top on a remote island. No matter how you prefer to play, it pays to form bonds with existing villages - either join up as a citizen in an existing village or simply engage in trade. You will not be good at everything - so seek out those who have the skills you do not.

Roaming Gods
Roaming gods do notice hard work and will, very occasionally, grant special favors to reward specialization in a trade: if you are focused on being a great blacksmith then perhaps Barney will visit you and lend you advice.

Murder and Mayhem
Murder is not possible in Sawrio - we prefer a peaceful world. There are monsters to kill, but not citizens. Should you wish to duel someone, this can be accomplished by finding one of the hidden PVP zones. Inside a PVP (Player VS Player) zone, you can murder each other all you like :-)

However if dealing death is your thing, you can simply focus on defending Sawrio from the many beasts. Everything in Sawrio has a bounty so it is possible to make a fine life as a mercenary. Kill a wolf, win a bounty. Kill a DRAGON - win an ENORMOUS bounty. Collect enough silver and local blacksmiths will be more than happy to forge you a better sword or armour. Gain enough experience and you will learn to ride a horse and be even more powerful.

Discussion Tools
Citizens are very welcoming of newcomers but you may often be the only person within shooting-distance of your settlement so learning to use DISCORD is going to be a huge help. Discord is a great tool for gamer communication and in our case, it is our primary means of communications. You CAN use the in-game help system, but you will get much more detailed assistance using Discord.

Discord also allows the creation of private voice-channels which is a great way to play. Create one for your village.

While there are no experience modifications - you work hard to progress - some mods are added if they enhance the REALITY of the game, never to make it easier. Sawrio is not for the faint-of-heart.

THREE-D: Allows the placement of objects on other objects (put a plate on a table).
SPELL: We have removed Priest Restrictions in Sawrio - but a Priest still needs a village.
ANNOUNCER: announces presence as players login/out.
BOAT: Now you can lead animals with your boat and they won't escape as you embark/disembark.
BOUNTY: Killing creatures puts coins in yer pockets's!
DIG TO GROUND: dirt now piles up on the ground behind you while digging - not in your inventory.
HARVEST HELPER: A couple of small season notifiers that farmers will find helpful.
CROPS: farming is tough, crop-mod is the ONLY mod that makes your life easier; crops do not rot in the fields.
HITCHING-POST: Now you have somewhere for your horse while you're playing cards in the saloon!
PROSPECT: Prospecting now works on cave tiles as well.
SALVE: Tells you WHAT that salve is good for and what it is made from.