Ayramor Rising

Ayramor Rising
Hostname Ayramor Rising - PVE, 3x/5x
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 1 / 232
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map Ayramor
Website http://ayramor.com
Registered by MrsB
Registered since August 8th, 2017 08:23 PM EST
Last update January 4th, 2020 02:53 AM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE

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Ayramor Rising opened October 14!

Ayramor Rising aims to create a fun friendly environment for new players and veterans. I had this main goal in mind when considering each aspect of the server. You can read below for server specifics.

Server specifications
• PvE, Creative, Modded server
• Freedom Kingdom
• White light and black light deities
• Custom made 4k x 4k map
• 60k creatures, high percentage of aggressive mobs for hunting
• 3x Skill, 5x Action timers
• Characteristics start at level 20
• Mind Logic starts at level 21 to allow you to pilot small boats immediately
• Body Control starts at level 21 to allow you to ride a horse
• All other skills will start at level 10! to cut out some of the early grind :)
• CR 3x
• 200 player slots
• Server is located in the US

The Map
• The map is a custom made 4096 x 4096 map
• There are three large central landmasses that take up most of the map and 16 small islands
• There are three bridges connecting the three large landmasses, for access to the capital and ease of early transportation. People can build more bridges where needed.
• The mountains tops are all accessible – none are super steep, or super high mountains that you can't climb. I’ve seen some really nice views from the mountains, so good places to live are available
• The rivers are all deep enough for the large ships to pass, no dredging required.
• Resources are fairly evenly spread out, so no traveling 100s of tiles for tar/clay/peat.
• Tree and bush types are a bit spread out with some types just in the north, south, east or west of the map.
• Grapes in the north and south to allow red and green grapes.
• An active volcano has been added on the northwest mountain

The Capital City
The capital city is a very large, open plan start town in the center of the map with lots of amenities including:
• Altars in the north and south of town, near each Inn
• Baker’s Guild - ovens, larders & food storage bins
• Carpentry & Masonry Guild - kilns
• Fighters Guild - with archery targets & practice dolls
• Information Center
• Marketplace with Player and GM Merchants
• Public Farm - with crops & planter racks
• Public Mine - with forges & anvils
• Public Resources - clay, peat, tar & moss
• Public Stables - groom, milk & shear animals
• Smith’s Guild - forges, anvils & smelters
• Tailoring Guild - looms & spinning wheels
• 2 Public Inn’s with beds, in the north and south of town
• Zoo with animals small and cute to huge and scary

Visit Ayramor.com for more information