Wurm Unlimited Patch Notes 2016-03-01

Posted on March 1st, 2016 03:13 PM EST
An update, patch 2016-03-01, has been released for Wurm Unlimited.

Fixes & Changes
  • Two security issues that allowed players to login without authenticating and verifying if they are the same steam user as the account they are trying to login with was fixed. 
  • An issue where you could not login because there was an old socket connection lingering from a previous attempt was fixed.
Fixes brought in from beta
  • Fixed an issue with smelting. 
  • Updated movement code, trying to make it smoother. 
  • The server shutdown message have been split in two parts, time and reason. Only the time part will show as an on screen message. 
  • Spell messages can now show as on screen messages. 
  • The "You got mail" on screen message is now of the info type and can be disabled. 
  • A fix for village destroy permission to work on structures. 
  • Fixed an issue where deeds could get disbanded due to upkeep when the upkeep was disabled. 
  • Finding bones should now be more likely when digging. 
  • Increased the amount of iron you get from smelting rock iron, that you rummage from the ground. 
  • Added new rare colors for horses. 
  • Creatures should now unhitch from a tent when the tent is destroyed. 
  • Commanders of vehicles should now continue to lead any animals when they embark. 
  • Lowered the volume of wooden beams to better match the volume of a log. 
  • Fix so that you cannot surface mine next to a fence. 
  • Fix for archery killing animals regardless of deed permissions. 
  • Fixed the message for when you dig up a bone. 
  • Changed the size of trellises, will only affect new ones. (code size, not visual) 
  • Limited take event broadcast to 10 tiles. 
  • Added a check ensuring that you are on the surface when conquering towers. 
  • Added a check when trying to change alliance capital to make sure they are still in the alliance. 
  • Made unstringing bows part of the 'take' family for deed permissions. 
  • Fix so that you cannot create a campfire if there is already a lit one on the same tile. 
  • Fixed an issue that cause newly made lanterns never cool down unless you put fuel in them first. 
  • Changed it so that you can't to a confession on an invulnerable player. 
  • Changed it so that players can only have their religion changed if they are not invulnerable. 
  • Fix so that examining unfinished items now include the rarity description. 
  • Fixed an issue where skill gained was not displayed properly when the 'always' option was on. 
  • Fixed is so that the contribution culling will remove the torch flame effects when the item is culled. 
  • Removed the xsi model loading thread, all old xsi models should now be converted. 
  • Limited the number of collada model loading threads that the game can start to 1, most models should have been converted now. 
  • Proper checks were added to make sure altars can only be used on ground. 
  • Reduced the internal size of markers (deed, perimeter, construction). 
  • Changed it so destroy floors act as walls for Vynora. 
  • The take option should no longer be visible on items in the bank. 
  • You should no longer get smithing sounds when making common hats. 

  • It should now be possible to play the game offline. 
  • Fix for incorrect height combat modifier when the opponent is mounted. 
  • Fix for creation of common wool hats incorrectly depleting the weight of the needle instead of the wool. 
  • The damage on a deed stake should no longer transfer to the deed papers when setting up a deed. 
  • The Dirt spell should no longer work on containers with liquids inside. 
  • Move actions (push/pull) should now be 5 times faster. 
  • Load/Unload is now faster as well. 
  • Planting off deed is now slightly faster, and on deed much faster. 
  • The max allowed depth you can build fences at was changed to -15. 
  • Rock iron can now be foraged. 
  • Added a strength check for stealing kingdom flags. 
  • Tile transformation liquids have been added. 
  • Fixed an issue that prevented enemies to attack anything on deed (archery). 
  • Fix so that enemies can take planted items. 
  • Fixed some lingering issues with village invites. 
  • It should now be possible to equip tower guards with shields. 
  • Changed the creature pregnancy message to show that it's days remaining. 
  • Fix for fences blocking surface mining when they are not supposed to. 
  • Fix for double pray options in the menu when the deity is both mountain god and water god. 
  • Killing a fog spider will now start reducing the fog across the server. 
  • An issue that made it possible to get a fence inside a wall was fixed. 
  • Crude axes and rock iron, should no longer be requested by missions.
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