Wurm Unlimited Patch Notes 2016-01-28

Posted on January 28th, 2016 06:37 PM EST
An update, patch 2016-01-28, has been released for Wurm Unlimited.

Fixes & Changes

Fixes for both beta and live 
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible for a modified client to crash the server when logging in. 
  • Duplicated messages in global chats should now be fixed.

From Beta to live 
  • Fading on screen messages have been added for system messages and different types of events. Event messages of different types can be turned off in the settings menu. 
  • A fix for the take option not showing for unplanted items off deed. 
  • Flames should now disappear when the fire goes out in fireplaces. 
  • Fireplaces should now auto-fill and auto-light on deed, taking from the deeds oil barrel. 
  • If you have permission to pickup planted items on deed you should now also be able to turn/move said items. 
  • Loading catapults will now check all the items inside containers for prohibited items, to prevent bypassing the restrictions. 
  • Changed the height restrictions for building bridges to 0. 
  • Fixed a null pointer exception that could happen while moving vehicles.

Beta Update 
  • Most models in the graphics.jar have been converted to our own format. If you see models with incorrect UV/textures please let us know. 
  • Fix so that when a fire place runs out of fuel the flames vanish. 
  • Allow flags and banners to just show their description. 
  • Fix so that items that will be created on ground don't check for parent container size before being placed on ground. 
  • Fix so that action sounds can start playing earlier for a lot of actions. 
  • Removed the low nutrition penalty. 
  • Preventing players from unloading catapults if the unloaded item weighs too much. 
  • Added default terraforming action and keybind. 
  • Planted items off deed will now unplant if they go over 70 damage or under 10 quality. 
  • A banner for Wurm Online was added to the launcher.
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