Wurm Unlimited Patch Notes 2016-01-14

Posted on January 14th, 2016 07:27 PM EST
An update, patch 2016-01-14, has been released for Wurm Unlimited.

Fixes & Changes

The following changes and those from the last beta patch will leave beta next week. 

  • Message protocols have been changed so both server and client needs to run the same version or it will crash. 
  • Container size was not checked properly when moving items from bulk containers. 
  • Village timer check bypassed for same village when trading deed. 
  • Rice wine can now get you drunk. 
  • An issue that caused harvest times to be put too far off in the future was fixed. 
  • Added a warning at 5 minutes of sleep bonus inactivity. 
  • Marble tables and the wood bedside table can now be picked up. 
  • Corrected capitalization for several titles. 
  • Additional fixes for mycelium spreading. 
  • Fix so that people cannot repair/improve buildings in deed perimeters without permissions. 
  • Fix for losing permissions on server reset after crossing servers. 
  • Mushrooms can now be stored in food storage bins. 
  • Fix for deity name when favor is full. 
  • Fixes for structure permissions in pvp. 
  • Fix so structure managers can pick their own locks off-deed. 
  • Ritual of Sun should now remove damage on floors when cast. 
  • Fix for hiring a bed, so it correctly remembers who rented it. 
  • Fix so that the rangepole quality is used correctly. 
  • Passengers on wagons should now be enabled. 
  • Fix for items and creatures sinking into floors on ground level. 
  • Fix for floor, staircases and roof quality when just made. 
  • Added a toggle for swapping between standard Wurm camera control scheme and a Free look / mouselook mode( same way as most FPS games have it), look in the options menu and keybindings to set things up the way you like it. 
  • A new model loader for our own format have been added, no models yet but expect us to start swapping them out. 
  • Fixed some issues with player texture lod when embarked on large vehicles, like a knarr. 
  • Removed some server transfer limitations for sailing to other servers.

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/366220/announcements/detail/72422580573295169
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