Wurm Unlimited Patch Notes 2015-12-03

Posted on December 8th, 2015 07:12 PM EST
An update, patch 2015-12-03, has been released for Wurm Unlimited.

Fixes & Changes
  • Fixed some instances where it was possible to plan walls on top of unfinished walls. 

  • Fixed max charges when digging up artifacts. 

  • Modified valrei quest item spawn and treasure chest spawns to be based on map size. 

  • Removed no take flag from village recruitment boards. 

  • Added santa hat to items available from mission ruler. 

  • Fix for mine door permissions not changing correctly when a deed is founded over them. 

  • Fix so clay will lower every 50 - 100 dig actions. 

  • Added check so that dominated animals only can be cared for by whomever dominated it. 

  • Added plant to trellises. 

  • Fix so that underwater myelium will revert to dirt/kelp/reeds when no longer within a domain that can have mycelium. 

  • Fix for paint terrain not painting trees. 

  • Fix so black sheep have black corpses. 

  • You can now bury corpses on rock using a pickaxe. 

  • Made it possible to sit on chairs. 

  • The artifact charge message have been changed. 

  • Fix so diagonal roads don't revert to non-diagonal when dug. 

  • Some memory leaks was fixed in the client. 

  • Fix so that dragging a locked item into a container, does not change ownership 

  • Entry server code changes to fix traders, weather, some creature spawns, mailboxes, and some building restrictions. 

  • Fix for becoming champion. 

  • Sleep bonus idle timeout option added. Sleep bonus will automatically turn off if no action or combat happens within 10 minutes. You can turn this off in your Profile. 

  • GMs can now destroy ground-use-only items (such as the Altar of Three) from their inventory with Items > Destroy 

  • Destroying a huge altar will now remove the client-side effect and give a message indicating whether they will respawn on the next restart. 

  • GMs can drop huge altars on the ground. When End Game Items is enabled the GM must remove the previous version of the altar first, and the proper light effect is created. When End Game Items is disabled, the GM can freely drop the altar anywhere and no light effect is created. 

  • End Game Items toggle added. When disabled, it prevents loading of artifacts and huge altars. Old artifacts and altars may still remain in the world but the light pillars will not spawn and they will not respawn when destroyed by a GM. 

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/366220/announcements/detail/121958370319578009
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