Wurm Unlimited Patch Notes 2015-11-19

Posted on November 21st, 2015 12:14 PM EST
An update, patch 2015-11-19, has been released for Wurm Unlimited.

Fixes & Changes

  • Removed the add to crafting window option from: Kiln, Gnomes and lairs. 
  • Fixed some issues that prevented the citizen group from working correctly with structure permissions. 
  • Non-villagers should now be able to grow hedges using wild growth if the permissions are set correctly. 
  • Summon worg has been changed: it now removes any pets you had before summoning. 
  • Bulk item decay has been removed on deeds. 
  • Added more items to the list of items that shouldn't appear as mission items. 
  • Removed the menu option to "blow up" or instantly destroy a building. 
  • Fix for branded creatures taking on kingdom from brands (PvP). 
  • Added lightning flash when buildings are destroyed from the building list. 
  • Small chests can now be unlocked/locked while in the inventory. 
  • Owners of small chests should now always have the unlock option. 
  • Added gentle push and pull actions. 
  • Changed it so that you can't trade a merchant contract to the merchant in question. 
  • Necklaces, rings bracelets, balls and chains will now form piles. 
  • Added destroy option to bell towers and snowmen. 
  • Anyone who can manage a building should now be able to attach locks. 
  • Fix so that most enemy actions are allowed in buildings. 
  • Removed hunted status from non-home and non-pvp servers. 
  • Fix so that enemies don't get the unlock option on building doors. 
  • Fix so that the steal option is only shown for pvp servers on planted items. 
  • Practice dolls should now only be usable if they are on the ground. 
  • Fix for mycelium spreading on PvP servers. 
  • Added discard option for logs and felled trees. 
  • Mycelium trees should now be able to revert back into normal trees. 
  • Free deeds no longer give money when disbanding. 
  • Smelters should now be craftable. 
  • Fix for loading of items that should not fit no matter how you turn it around. 
  • Fix for creating items within containers which they should not fit inside. 
  • Updated so that you get a notification when you get the alcoholic title. 
  • Dragging items into an unlocked bulk container should now use structure or village permissions. 
  • Several spelling errors in messages were corrected. 
  • Fix for flower spawning. 
  • It should now be possible to store slabs and wood beams in bulk containers. 
  • Removed Wurm Online specific output from /who command. 
  • Added PvP, Home Server and Home Kingdom to other server properties in the GUI. 
  • Added admin password to the GUI. 
  • Changed some Wurm Online specific checks in server transfer to make use of the server settings instead. 
  • The LaunchConfig files should now be generated with a lower heap memory value by default for 32-bit systems if it doesn't exist already.

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/366220/announcements/detail/121957196525986050
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