Patch Notes Beta Update

Posted on March 21st, 2019 05:33 AM EST

  • New: You are now able to light furnaces if you are lacking a steel and flint with a kindling and a hot burnable item, both of which will be consumed.
    • If you happened to throw away or lose your steel and flint, you can now use hot burning items (wooden tools, wooden scraps, logs, cotton, cloth) along with a kindling to light a forge or oven.
    • Note that the item must be 'burning' and will be consumed when lighting the furnace.
    • Reminder: You can create a campfire using just a wood scrap and a kindling in order to get your burning wood or cloth items hot enough to light the furnace.
  • New:  Added title for 100 pickaxe.
  • Priest Change: Rite of Death is now able to be cast on Freedom servers but is a laundered version of the PvP ritual spell.
    • Rite of Death on Freedom servers will not create mycelium and will not cause head wounds, but will give the sleep bonus and skill bonus.
  • Journal Change: A percentage indicator was added to some Journal entries which have multiple things required.
  • Journal Change: Casting a global spell achievement is now awarded to the caster as well as those linked to the caster.
  • ART: Fixed winter texture for all ages of bushes.
  • ART: Fixed the issue of some trees and bushes not being visible in certain seasons with the setting of pretty trees   turned off.
  • ART:  Infected and enchanted trees should no longer show fruit.
  • ART: Added normal and specular maps to weapons, shields, most tools, transports and a variety of other metal items
  • Bugfix:  Fixed the issue where small animated items could be barely seen when using the place option.
  • Bugfix:  Fruit graphics have been removed from enchanted and infected trees as they cannot be harvested.
  • Bugfix: Fixed animations glitching back and forward during walking
  • Bugfix: After a year of vacation, birds have found their way back onto the skies of Wurm
  • Bugfix:  Reworded the mouseover for Chop Down Some Trees journal entry to make it more clear that the action must result in a felled tree.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed a number of movement issues.
  • Bugfix:  Changed the calculation method for the antigank CR bonus to smooth out the number and prevent it from jumping around so much.
  • Bugfix: The tutorial will no longer reference Wurm Online rules.
  • Bugfix: Water calculations will correctly run at server start.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue on affinity gain system not correctly working in WU.
  • Bugfix: Horse statues will no longer appear in treasure chests.
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