Wurm Unlimited Patch Notes 2015-11-03

Posted on November 3rd, 2015 10:49 AM EST
An update, patch 2015-11-03, has been released for Wurm Unlimited.

  • Fixed an issue that caused protected tiles to be saved endlessly. 
  • Tree growth should now be in the list of server options. 
  • New databases should now default to tree growth 20. 
  • Several items that was not previously turnable should now be. 
  • It should now be possible to sell items at settlement tokens. 
  • Added several command line parameters. 
  • Kilns should now be craftable and usable indoors. 
  • Kilns should now be movable and turnable by anyone. 
  • Added #give command for implementors (power 5) 
  • Kings can now change their titles. 
  • Fixed an issue where some tomes required you to be inside a mine instead of outside. 
  • Fixes for a race condition that caused crop polling to happen multiple times at once. 
  • Added admin commands to make it possible to change gameplay tweaks when the server is running (use /help to see them). 
  • Made birdcages craftable. 
  • It should now be possible to build diagonal roads for all road types. 
  • Fix so obelisks is only movable by the owner. 
  • Fix so planted signs show their description instead of the name. 
  • Added the /tinvite command, to invite players to your team. 
  • /stuck should no longer work while in combat. 
  • Added #locateavatars command to help finding avatars that was not removed at the end of a mission. 
  • The forecast spell is now treated as an offensive spell. 
  • Creature age should now be saved along with other creature statuses. 
  • The damage of catapulted got liquids have changed. 
  • Zombie milk have been rebalanced. 
  • Enchanted turrets should now be able to fire upon enemies once again. 
  • Added a right-click option on tabs called 'clear tab'. This will empty the content of the tab.

New command line options for dedicated server
Used to set the steam query port (27016-27030 UDP) 

Used to set the port which the client connects through (Default 3724 TCP) 

ip=<ip address> 
The ip the server will bind to. 

Used for server to server communication. 

Used for server to server communication. 

Sets the password that is used when trying to connect to the server. 

Sets the max number of players allowed on the server, if this is set through this command line option then the internal game commands to change the player limit will not work. 

Defaults to true, should only be set to false if the server is intended to be connected with another server that is going to act as a loginserver. 

Toggles PvP on or off on the server. 

If the server is a home server ( belongs to a single kingdom ). 

The kingdom the server belongs to. 

If true the server will follow the rules from the Epic servers in Wurm Online. 
For instance it will use the skill curve. 

The name of the server that will be visible in server browsers. 
If the name contains spaces surround it with "". servername="my private server" 

Unlocks the admin commands from within the game, that can be used to change the gameplay settings of the server, such as skill gain rate and field growth time. 

Note that only the admin password command do something when starting with gui. 
To start without gui you have to use the start=<folderName> command, as example start=Creative would start the server using the database located in the creative folder.

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/366220/announcements/detail/121955650287976124
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