Patch notes:

Posted on July 3rd, 2018 07:15 AM EST

Hi Everyone,
This update brings several major things including updates to our archaeology system, animal cages, and the ability to place items on tables. We've also removed PvP centric personal goals, making the system much easier to get into, full details below.

This update also brings a new distributed JRE version 1.8u172

Changes and Additions:
Archaeology changes:
  • Archaeology items can now be found in all metal types:
    • If you investigate and find a metal fragment that is NOT ore or a lump, it'll get the "metal" material.
    • If the fragment you found would have had the steel material (instead of iron), it'll get the "alloy" material instead.
    • Any existing iron fragments can be combined with metal fragments (they will be converted to "metal" material when you start the combine action.
    • Same deal with steel and alloy fragments.
    • When you complete an item from fragments of the metal material, the final item will have a chance to become any base metal type (iron, tin, lead, gold, silver, copper, zinc) depending on how well identified the fragments were - heavily weighted towards iron.
    • When you complete an item from fragments of the alloy material, the final item will have a chance to become any alloy metal type (steel, brass, bronze) depending on how well identified the fragments were - heavily weighted towards steel.
    • If alloy fragments are extremely well identified, upon combining they will have a small chance to come out as a moonmetal (seryll, glimmersteel, adamantine) - though steel is more likely again.
    • "metal" material fragments can only be combined with other "metal" fragments, and "alloy" material fragments can only be combined with other "alloy" fragments.
  • New:  You can now create an archaeological journal to help record your investigations. ( Special thanks to Wurm Unlimited modder Bdew for some ideas in implementing this!)
    • Add report pages to the journal by activating paper or papyrus sheets and right clicking on the journal - Add report.
    • 22 reports will fit into the journal.
    • Data will be added to your reports as you investigate and gather information.
    • New information will be added to the report as you continue to investigate.
    • Once you've found enough information for a single report, you will be able to use that report to help find that deed again whenever you want.
  • Changes:
    • New statues have been added.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug which allowed investigating to bypass max inventory weight.
    • Paved tiles should properly reset the investigate flag.
Item Placement:
  • Items can now be placed on tables and certain objects
  • To place an item, simply right click it from your inventory and select drop > place. You may then move the outlined object onto the table, clicking will place it at that location.
  • The following surfaces can have items placed on them:
    • square table
    • round table
    • dining table
    • bed
    • bench (stone)
    • bedside table
    • open fireplace
    • canopy bed
    • tripod table
    • high bookshelf
    • low bookshelf
    • round marble table
    • rectangular marble table
  • New Decorational Items that items can be placed on have been added too:
    • Empty High Bookshelf
    • Empty Low Bookshelf
    • Bar Table
Creature Cages:
  • New Item: Creature Cage - Requires 60 carpentry skill to create and continue.
  • New Item: Creature Transporter - 25 Fine Carpentry to create.
  • Must have 23 body strength to load cage onto vehicle.
  • You cannot load pregnant animals.
  • You cannot load hurt animals.
  • You cannot load a creature with items on it.
  • There are specific models for the following stored creatures: bison, sheep, ram, cow, bull, horse, foal, hell horse. All other stored creatures have an enclosed cage graphic.
  • Max of 4 creature cages per tile.
  • A caged animal will move around and cause damage to the cage.
  • When a cage hits 80 damage, the animal will escape.
  • If an animal escapes a cage while in a boat in water, the animal will end up in the water and begin taking damage if they are not a swimming animal. If agro and not tamed, you will not be able to tame them while swimming.
  • You cannot repair or improve a cage if it is storing an animal.
  • The number of cages that can be carried by a vehicle is as follows:
    • Caravel - 8
    • Cog - 6
    • Corbita - 5
    • Knarr - 4
    • Sailing boat - 0
    • Rowing boat - 0
    • Creature transporter - 4
    • Wagon - 2
    • Large cart - 0
Personal goal changes:
  • Changes:
    • Spars on PVE servers will now trigger the 'defeat another player xxx' goals.
    • Some of the more difficult personal goals have been rerolled if not completed. (ex. goals involving tomes or pvp only creatures and/or mechanics)
  • Bugfixes:
    • The description for 'Sysyphos Says Hello' goal has been changed to correctly reflect the number of repairs needed to 6250 instead of 6000 for repair fences, walls or floors.
    • The 'pilot a xxx boat' achievements should trigger properly now, even if you had them bugged before. Try again with this patch update.
    • Destroy a structure by catapulting it goal has been fixed.
    • Lockpick five boats goal has been fixed.
    • Goals/achievements involving fermenting wine will now properly trigger even if the player is offline.
    • Fixed achievement triggers for mining gems.
    • Fixed a number of grammar and capitalization issues with personal goals and achievements.
    • Epic Finalizer (Be the person to complete an Epic mission) now triggers properly.
    • Operation Cleanup (putting items in a trash heap) will now trigger properly even if the destruction happens while you are offline.
  • New:  You can now directly open equipped saddlebags/saddlesacks by using keybind OPEN or right clicking the equipped horse or unicorn.
  • New:  The creation of books has been added.
  • Change: The recipe for creating an almanac has changed because of the introduction of books.
  • New:  Kings robes will show as scale armour with specific colors for now.
  • New: Added current titles for occultist and meditation levels on the /titles menu and fixed an issue to have them show/hide immediately upon sending.
  • New: Ability to switch dirt to sand and sand to dirt without having to drop the sand/dirt to turn one tile.
    • To convert a tile simply activate a full unit (20kg) of the material you want and right click a tile of the opposing material and select 'switch tile'.
    • This will only turn tiles between dirt (not grass, not packed) and sand.
    • It does not give any skill whatsoever.
    • When on deed permissions are governed by the terraform category.
  • New: You can now remove deleted players from your ignore list by issuing the /ignore command to see if you have unknown? on your list then issuing /ignore again to verify they have been removed.
  • Rarities and enchants/runes from combined weapons and tool heads will now be transferred to the final item .
  • Change:  Updated the Lord of War achievement description to better indicate the quantity of items needed for the achievement.
Client Changes:
  • Windows position and status is now also saved for backpacks, quivers and inventory groups. (previously only for out of inventory containers)
  • Bugfix: Fix for items blocking placement.
  • Bugfix: Lock status is now saved on all windows that remember their positions, both in current session and between sessions.
  • Added keybind for Toggle Backpack and Toggle Quiver.
Bug Fixes:
  • PvP Mission Bugfix:  More checks to prevent erroneous structure building missions.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed an issue which allowed  non-intended items/armor to be equipped on non-intended creatures.
  • Bugfix: Another check to be sure new missions spawn correctly after the completion or fail of a previous one.
  • Bugfix:  Ritual missions should now end at the 3.5 day mark if under 33% complete.
  • Bugfix:  Messaging added to items that cannot be dragged into containers, mailboxes, etc so that you are aware that it's intended behavior.
  • Bugfix: Artifacts can no longer spawn in a  HoTA Zone.
  • Bugfix: Fixed more text and spelling errors.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where wine barrels would overflow when you attempted to seal them while having max carry weight in your inventory even when the barrel was in a rack or on the ground.
  • Bugfix: Liquids with a metal type can no longer be smelted.
  • Bugfix: Enchanted turrets will no longer decay on deed on pve servers.
  • Bugfix: Changed achievement text for digging up brilliant gem to refer to it being dug up not mined.
  • Bugfix: Fix for some champion mission creatures being tiny.
  • Bugfix: The Troll King will not drown his followers if he leads them to water.
  • Bugfix: Anchors can now properly be made from all metal types.
  • Client :Bugfix: Items won't hide under terrain in certain places.
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