The Forest of Brocéliande

The Forest of Brocéliande
Hostname The Forest of Brocéliande - 10x skill gain, PVE, Custom Map, M
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 7 / 232
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Map Broceliande
Registered by Elewoa
Registered since July 2nd, 2017 12:38 PM EST
Last update April 15th, 2018 03:48 PM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded PvE

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GM - Game Management
Angie - In game help/Building
Amanda - Website/Server/Mods
Goibniu - In game help/Mods

CA - Community Assistant - Help players with questions.

List of Server Mods


Server-wide player login announcement

Players Online

Command line /playersonline, which allows players to see who is online.

Better Dig

Dirt from digging/flattening/leveling drops on the ground instead of going to the player's inventory.
If a vehicle is being dragged or ridden dirt will automatically go into that or into any crates loaded.
Leveling uses dirt from the ground, a player's inventory, a vehicle or crates inside the vehicle. 20kg of clay, peat or tar dug per action.

Moon Metal Mining - disabled: waiting for update

Chance to get glimmersteel or adamantite ore, seryll lumps or gems when mining.

Crop Mod

Crops grow time: 2 hours and will not decay.

Harvest Helper

/seasons command lists exact season start times.

Affinity Mod

change food affinities so that everyone get the same affinity from the same food.

Boat Mod -disabled: waiting for update

All animals are able to swim while led by a player.
Continued leading of animals when embarking on a vehicle or boat.

Embarked mod ( customized mod by Goibniu)

Allow lot of actions while embarked.

Move to Center

Move items to Center or Corner of a tile.

3D stuff

Allow to put items on surfaces.
Concrete Mod

Add a second recipe using rock shard and clay.

Fire Burn Time

Fires display the time left to burn in minutes and seconds when examined.

Hitching Post

Hitching Post can be made (3 logs, 5 L nails, 3 horseshoes, 3 planks).
Will hold 3 Animals at a time.

Craftable pauldrons

Add17 Different kind of pauldrons (aesthetic only)
Bulk Transport Mod

Bulk Storage Bins and Crates move quantity limit removed.
Bulk Storage Bins capacity greatly increased.
Crates storage capacity doubled (300 small, 600 large).

Double Bulk Capacity

Newly created bulk storage bins and food storage bins to have new capacities.

Bulk container separator mod''

Separate items by QL10.

Salve Mod

Adds "power - " to the beginning of newly made healing cover names, so you no longer have to figure it out in your head.

Inbreeding Warning

Receive a warning when breeding related animals.

Meditate Mod

Meditate with guaranteed skill success. No delay

More Flowers Mod (by Whimsy)

Spawns more flower types. Which spawns more white dotted flowers (rare).

Spell Mod

Restrictions removed from priests and spells of all deities are available.

Bag of Holding Spell Mod

A spell that magically enlarges the capacity of containers (does not work on crates)

No Mail Cost

No Mail Cost when sending or returning items. Newly created mailboxes will have a Courier enchant.

Upkeep Cost

Placement of deed is free, upkeep is 5 iron per tile. Each players starts with 3 silver for upkeep costs. Spirit templars cost 50 copper per month to hire.

Bounty Mod

Get money in your bank when killing mobs.

SacrificeMod ( set on 3% chance )

Adds a configurable chance for a rare item to award a bone of the same rarity, instead of the usual benefits.

Stable Master

Stable Master can exchange animals to tokens that go in your inventory.

Taxidermy mod

Adds craftable taxidermy kits that can be used to preserve corpses as decorations.

Non-Combat Pets ( Minipets) ( set on 100 normals, 50 rares, and 5 fantastics)

Add small companions that can follow you around, they do not fight (and will not be attacked by other creatures and players).To get a pet you need to find a “mystery egg”, and hatch it.

Creatures Mod

Add 7 new colors of horses, new colors of animals and new animals
New colors of horses :

New colors of animals :

New animals :